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    hi there, i see the plugin get the latest posts of the site, what about displaying custom post types?
    is to tell the plugin what post type to display?




    just to be clear: i want to 3 post type one my home page.

    when i set the slider to show posts by category it dosnt include my custom post type. only regular post (i have made sure to give my custom post type the relevant category but it didnt help)
    [recent_post_slider design=”design-4″ category=”4″]

    also, i was trying to tel the plugin which post type to display on the site, but i can only include one post type while i need 3….
    [recent_post_slider design=”design-4″ post_type=”combinations”]

    bottom line :0)
    how can i show all of my custom post type posts on the same slider (i have 3 of theme)





    To use the custom post type with the category then you need to pass the parameter taxonomy=’category’ where category is replaced by your custom post type category name and category=”123″ where 123 is the id of that custom post type category ID.

    Plugin supports custom post type but right now it does not supports multiple custom post type.

    However if you want that features then email us the your detail requirement at support@wponlinesupport.com

    we do provide customization on charge basis. send us your requirement if want to customize the plugin as per your requirement so we will check.

    let us know your thoughts.

    Thanks & Regards
    WP Online Support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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