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    I paid for “Timeline and History Slider Pro” after having tested the free version for a while. As soon as I upgraded to “Pro,” all of the HTML tags (<br/ >, <p >, <i >, <b >, etc.) stopped working — and completely disappear from the code — in the main timeline page (http://www.abortionessay.com/timeline-slider/). However, they still work perfectly in the individually date pages (such as http://www.abortionessay.com/timeline_slider_post/1994/). I need the HTML tags to work in the main page (just like they did in the free version that I thoroughly tested before buying), or this plugin will be absolutely useless to me and I will have wasted a great deal of time setting up 55 different timeline “stories.” Please advise ASAP.



    I figured it out myself. In every template file, I had to change this:
    <?php echo wphts_pro_get_post_excerpt( $post->ID, get_the_content(), $words_limit, $content_tail ); ?>

    to this:
    <?php echo the_content(); ?>

    1. Why is HTML enabled in the free/testing version, but disabled in the paid version?

    2. Why would you guys cause so much trouble and confusion by disabling all HTML tags (including paragraph markers) in the main slider?

    This is my first purchase from you guys, and I am not very happy so far. I wasted over 10 work hours trying to solve this problem, which costs me far more money than it cost me to buy your plugin package.



    Hello David,

    If you want to show a full content then plugin has the parameter show_full_content=”true” that will display full content without excluding HTML tags.

    The reason behind this is that, we provide excerpt content to show in the post, and we have bound the words limit and now if we allow the html content then it if html content breaks then short-code not working properly.

    that’s why we have added parameter show_full_content=”true” if you want to show all the content, use this parameter and works like as it should.

    Thanks & Regards
    WP Online Support



    OK. I have a couple of suggestions for you:

    1. At /pro-plugin-document/document-timeline-history-silder-pro/, I suggest that you change “Show Full Content” and “show_full_content” to “Show Full Content/HTML” and “show_full_content_html”, respectively.

    2. Add a short description under each parameter at /pro-plugin-document/document-timeline-history-silder-pro/.

    Those two things will prevent customers like me from wasting many hours trying to figure out how to enable HTML. Also, your sales and customer satisfaction will also increase.

    Thank you




    Thank you for your suggestion, we will improve our system. 🙂

    We also provide the Support chat system from (7:00 A.M. to 12 P.M. IST) so you can contact us, we are live on this timings so your query related to plugin will be solve more quickly.

    However, If you like our plugin and support then provide us your review on wordpress, it will very helpful to us.

    here is the link,


    Thanks & Regards
    WP Online Support

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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